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Who We Are?

Scripted Sequence started in 2012.  It exists to provide writing about games:  the experiences we have with them, what they can do and why they’re amazing.

Basically: games in culture. Games as a thing, as well as how games are played, and why – and our memories and predictions for them, as well as general fandom and fawning.

Meet the Team

Editor in Chief. Big chief.


Is founder and editor of Scripted Sequence.

He plays mostly PC games, drinks tea as well as orange squash, sits down and has 12 points of articulation.


Talks to Jake all day about things one of them should eventually write about for Scripted Sequence.


Dave is a self described digital sledge hammer.

The Neo Geo WonderSwan is his gaming machine of choice.

He works with words and computers for a living and can be found staring out of bus and train windows.


Paul doesn’t get a picture because no one knows what he looks like.

He plays games you’d be too young to remember. He writes things too good to publish here on his own site.



Simon likes Japanese whiskey, argumentum verbosium and the games of Fumito Ueda. He is the closest thing Scripted Sequence has to a reviews editor.

He also relishes MMORPGs, believing isolationism is best enjoyed with friends.